Information about Fonteneau's Shows

What will they remember 6 months from now? The appetizer? The venue? Of course not... They'll remember how much fun the hypnotist was! Are you in charge of your company's entertainment needs? Corporate event? Your group fundraiser? Make it successful. Make it an event to be remembered! Call Fonteneau right now and book his hilariously fun show!

Fonteneau has an entertainment package to fit your needs, no matter what they are. He is well versed in the needs of large and small groups and adaptable to any crowd.

Call Fonteneau right now to discuss your needs, and how he can help you with quality entertainment at a price that will fit your budget.

Fonteneau has several entertaining products to choose from.

He has both Large and small stage productions that are perfect for conventions, banquets, fundraisers, weddings and holiday parties. His “hypno-chair” is perfect for corporate ice-breakers, smaller company events, bachelorette and birthday parties.

Why be ordinary? Hire someone extraordinary! Call Fonteneau right now!

If you're interested in booking Fonteneau for your organization or school fundraiser click here!.

Were you looking for something a little more serious? Come and see us at our hypnotherapy office.
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