Audience Reaction

Testimonials from Fonteneau's Clients

"Thank you for entertaining our Ladies, As director of entertainment this year, I didn't know what to do. Your show really floored 'em, and I got all of the credit! Please be prepared for us to fly you to Portland for next year's meeting - Clarence Autry, Scottish Rite College

"Fantastic! You filled my restaurant to capacity on the slowest night of the month, and made a believer out of me. We've gotta do this again!" - Jeff Cowley, General Manager, Hooters Restaurants

"Thank you for working the V.I.P. room at our event. You're a class act, and I look forward to working with you again!" -Andrew Greenberg, Promoter, Cirque deLuna

"What an interesting speaker.... The demonstration of your skills was quite impressive! - Bruce Campbell, West Georgia Mensa Club

"Thank you for making our bachelorette party a memorable event, I don't think the ladies were expecting to have that much fun!" - Nikki Dumas, Maid of Honor

"Looks like you were a hit for the third year in a row. Thank you for helping to make our convention as successful as it is. You always fill the main programming area, and have become one of our most popular entertainers" - Stephen Richards, Director, Fantasm sci-fi/fantasy convention

"We're so glad that you were able to do our fund raiser this year Mr.Fonteneau. The two show format helped us to reach our goals, and it was so much easier than selling donuts in the cold" - Justin Nobles, Master Councilor, DeMolay of Georgia

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